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Art-Net Compatible
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DMX512 over an Ethernet backbone
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Goddard Design Company is pleased to provide DMX-Link.  DMX-Link allows multiple universes of DMX512 to be sent over a standard Ethernet cable plant.  With DMX-Link even sophisticated distribution systems can be built without using patch panels or complicated routing switches.
DMX-Link supports the Art-Net protocol, the first TCP /IP based theater protocol with multi-vendor support. The DMX-Link Decoder2 modules also support E1.31 (sACN) Any product that supports the Art-Net protocol to transport DMX style data should be inter-operable with GDC DMX-Link products

DMX-Link Products

DMX-Link Encoder2 is a two-universe DMX 512 to Art-Net encoder. Each module is front panel  assignable to one of 16 different network groups.  Each panel has two DMX512 input connectors. The DMX512 signal on each connector is encoded and assigned to the panel's group and to one of 16 different DMX universes within that group. This theoretically means that 256 universes are possible. (If using the default broadcast addressing scheme, you are limited to 40 universes.) When using unicast addressing with intelligent control,  systems of 400 - even 4000 - universes are possible.
DMX-Link front panel photo
DMX-Link Decoder2 is a two-universe Ethernet to DMX512 decoder. It supports Art-Net 3 and sACN(add version). The modules support broadcast (in Art-Net), multicast (in sACN), or unicast in both Art-Net and sACN.\

A DMX-Link Decoder2  provides two DMX512 output connectors. Each module is assignable to one of 16 groups,  then each connector can be assigned to one of 16 universes.  Set the universes you need at this location, and plug in your DMX cable.  A DMX-Link Decoder2 receiving two Art-Net signals addressed to the same universe will merge them before routing them to the output connector.  This makes DMX-Link an economical merge unit that just happens to come with a distribution system attached!

DMX-Link Decoder2 units support RDM when connected to an ART-Net / RDM V1.0 enabled controller.

Common features:
The wall mount version is mounted to a three-gang cover plate compatible with standard US surface or flush boxes. The front panel provides two DMX512 connectors, each with a tally LED. There is also a LED to indicate that the unit is powered and running, and one to indicate network activity. Three 16-position rotary switches set the unit function. These units are also available as table top units. (see below)
Modules are shipped with a fixed IP address but may optionally  get their address via DHCP.
The modules are fully configurable by Artistic Licence DMXWorkshop ( a free program) or via an embedded web page.

 Ethernet Backbone:
The 10BaseT Ethernet connection is made by a rear mounted RJ45 connector. The simplest system is an Encoder2 unit connected by a crossover cable to a Decoder2 unit. More complicated systems will require addition of at least one Ethernet switch. In most systems there is no need for a computer or any other control equipment. In all cases the rules for Ethernet cabling must be followed.( ESTA publishes recommended practices on Ethernet cabling for theater and entertainment.)

Because the default addressing scheme of Art-Net is a class A network it is not recommended that Art-Net networks share the same physical wiring with other networks, particularly those connected to the Internet. (This may not be true for systems using unicast addressing, but shared networks add complexity and reliability questions.) 

Power supply:

Both encoders and decoders require an external power source of 9 to 48 VDC. In many applications 24-volts is an excellent choice. This supply may be distributed by a separate cable or by the Ethernet cable using the IEEE 802.3 standard. The current required by a unit is dependent on the power supply voltage reaching the unit. Contrary to expectations the required supply current increases as the available voltage decreases. The power supply input is isolated. This means that a common supply may power multiple DMX-Link units while maintaining isolated DMX512.


Current required at:
10 Volts 20 volts 30 volts
Encoder2  140mA 70mA 50mA
Decoder2 200 mA 95 mA 65mA

Table Top Case with Power Supply:
The DMX-Link TT is a welded steel enclosure providing mounting for either an encoder or a decoder module, a universal switching power supply, and an EtherCon® RJ45 connector. For more details consult the DMX-Link TT data sheet.

DMX-Link is upgradable:
Because both DMX512 and the Art-Net protocol are works in progress, DMX-Link modules are field upgradable. The operating software can be updated across the Ethernet connection, so modules don't even need to be demounted to have a software upgrade.

Price List - Professional Net

Part # Description Price Buy Online
FD DL_Encoder2 DMX-Link 2 Universe Encoder Wall Unit  $580.00
FD DL_Decoder2 DMX-Link 2 Universe Decoder Wall Unit $580.00

 Note: prices subject to change without notice.    
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